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"My intention is to encourage your health and well-being on all levels, allowing you to live a fulfilling and purposeful life where you are able to respond to life's challenges with vitality and resilience. I hope our work together will deepen your experience of trust in your body and in Nature, and reconnect you to your Source  so that you may live the life that beckons you from the deepest and most authentic core of your being”.

What Blocks Healing?  Why Am I Sick?

Symptoms come about when the healing capacity of the body is overburdened, stuck, or out of balance. Symptoms guide us to understand the underlying imbalance of the body. The direction in which the symptoms respond provides us with a means of evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.  We have a choice: we can suppress the symptoms or we can address the root cause of illness. Root cause resolution leads to enhanced vitality, health and wellbeing. 


In addition to the cornerstones of a nutrient dense whole foods diet and supportive lifestyle choices, there are a number of other areas that may become part of your treatment plan: optimizing gut health, balancing blood sugars, supporting detoxification, fine tuning hormones, enhancing immune expression, quelling excess inflammation and calming the nervous system.  Sometimes the body's healing may be blocked due to the effects of stress, shock, trauma, scar tissue, limiting thoughts and emotions or inherited patterns. Suppressing fevers, acute illnesses, skin eruptions and discharges can also create stuck states in the reactional capacity of the body that may interfere with healing. Natural treatment modalities give us the tools to address and help clear these blockages. Let's put together a treatment program individualized to your unique needs.






Connecting to the Healing Power of Nature Through Plants and the Natural World

Individualizing Nutrition to your Unique Body Type

Enhancing Energy, Mood, Metabolism and Immunity

Regulating Nervous System and Hormonal Balance

Supporting Optimal Gut Function, Detoxification and Elimination

Treatment approach

About Jacinta

"The body can heal. Somewhere at the core of my being, I knew this to be true."

I was 18 years old and dealing with the diagnosis of a functional pituitary tumor.  I felt lousy.  I had no energy, my head was fuzzy, and the headaches were were driving me crazy. I had that yuck-all-over feeling, and my hormones were a mess.  I was prescribed a medication that left me feeling even worse.  I couldn’t function like that. There had to be another way. The endocrinologist’s reaction was threatening and unsupportive when I told him that I did not want to continue taking the medication he had prescribed. I knew there had to be another way. 


Despite how lousy I was feeling, somewhere at the core of my being I knew that my body could heal. With a great deal of trepidation, I stopped the medication. I took the plunge and dove head first into healing. I did not know where I was headed, or how I would get there, but a trust in my body and in the process of life guided me.


That was my greatest moment of fear, and the most courageous moment of my life.  Little did I know that it was to be the gift that would open the door to my life’s work  - helping others to find the healing within themselves; a healing that leads to a life of vitality, purpose and joy.


Within two years of getting myself on track with nutrition, cleaning up the body and the gut, and balancing my hormones, I had my health back. I was full of energy and vitality and I had within me a deep conviction in the ability of the body to heal.  That conviction was like a rock, a stronghold. It was unshakeable. What struck me was the simplicity of healing, a simplicity so obscured by the paradigm of the mainstream medical model at that time.


I had to learn more, so that I could help others, and offer them a choice in their own health care. A choice, so that when they would face a health crisis in their own lives, that they would have the courage to trust, that their body too can heal, and to share with them the resources and support to help make it happen. My life has been devoted to this learning. From the beginnings of my education in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University 30 years ago, my studies have traversed far and wide.


Much water has passed under the bridge since that time. Paradigms in health continue to evolve. The omnipotence of the conventional medical model continues to crumble.  Research supporting the effectiveness of natural non-invasive treatment approaches continues to pour in. Functional approaches to medicine that seek root cause resolution are being echoed everywhere. At the same time, the pressures of the modern world on our physiology are taking their toll. We are reaching a crisis point in the evolutionary mismatch between what our modern lives dictate and what our bodies can handle. We are waking up to our responsibility as co-creators in our health and in our world.


Are you ready to engage directly in the journey towards health and well being?  I can help. I've been there. In fact, I'm still there, full of conviction and passion that you too can heal. I am here to help you get on track. Let’s work together to discover the root cause of the symptoms that you are experiencing and put together a treatment plan that dives deep, to access your body’s own wellspring of vitality, health and well-being.

I graduated from BASTYR UNIVERSITY  in 1995 and have been in practice as a registered Naturopathic Doctor in the Stratford area for more than 25 years.  The clinic is located on my family's farm the picturesque countryside of Southwestern Ontario, a peaceful 20 minute drive from Stratford. In addition to my healing work, I love to sing and dance and play music. I find my refuge in a strong spiritual practice and a deep connection to the natural world. My lifelong connection to my rural roots inspires my commitment to real food, sustainable food systems and the care and restoration of the land upon which our food is grown. 



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Dr. Jacinta Willems ND

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